So, back to one of my favorite subjects, my ancestors. They certainly were not the “cheese eating surrender monkeys” (not my words) that some europeans are today. They were bold, strong willed, freedom loving, family centered (note – Man and one woman + children), they understood freedom was not free. They also knew that they needed remain vigilant, protecting their inalienable rights bestowed upon them by god and not some government, because a government that gives rights can take them away! Its one thing to be defeated by another people, but is another to be exploited and repressed by one’s own government.

I like them, know who I am; I am confident, bold, ambitious, fit, passionate, intelligent, freedom loving, and of course romantic! Nothing less should be expected from a man with the heart of a Viking and the blood of a Germanic Warrior!


Wow, it has been a long time since I posted anything. I decided to give the BLOG thing a break and I did for over a year! What first got me started writing a blog was the opportunity it afforded me. It gave me an outlet, a place to put down into words what I thought about the Anti-Americanism festering in Europe. At first I thought it was therapeutic, and then it just got me angry. I am still angry about the obvious double standard most europeans have. If George W. Bush had attacked Libya would there not have been anti-war demonstrations and calls for a war crimes tribunal? Yet, Barack Hussein Obama gets a pass, very little is said, he is awarded a peace prize, and look what he does! Enough of that, I have lots of space to talk about politics at a later date.

Many things have changed since I first started blogging. My wife has fallen ill with a very rare form of cancer, it is incurable. I feel that we have been given extra time, normally patients with this disease only live 8-10 months, it has been two years since diagnosis. “T” is fighting hard, but I see that she is slowly losing the battle. I do worry about her all the time and I have been neglecting myself. I use to run a lot and exercise, but since she has been receiving radiosphere treatments I spend most of my time with her. Sometimes I find myself thinking about regrets, should I have done this or that, when we argued, should I have said sorry earlier? Was I a good husband and father? I expect these feelings are normal, but I am not sure I am ever going to be ready to say goodbye…..

I went to the Doctor last week for a checkup and I asked her how people throughout history cope with sickness and the early demise of a loved one? She said she had no idea how people cope, it is something I am going to have to do, she said I will make it, even when I am in my deepest despair, I will feel the loving hand of god, and I will be comforted.

I like Doctor ***, she is originally from Romania, smart, great bedside manner, and treats all of her paitients with the upmost respect. However, I wanted to know why my wife? Of all people, she has always been my best supporter, she was there when I needed her as I was for her. We had our rough patches, fortunately I was smart enough to realize that I was a better man with her than without her.

Well, as Barack Hussein Obama has said, there is always Love and Hope, or was that Hope and Change?

I have just sat back and listened to all the leftie progressive crap. However, enough is enough! Okay Barack, the time for social experimentation is going to come to an end. You will not change our military nor will you be allowed to use it as a social experiment and you will not fundamentally transform America…heck no!

We in America (real Americans) do not want socialism! We don’t want the trillions of dollars of debt you and your democratic congress have been piling up! Contrary to what some europeans think we are not all fat, lazy, money obsessed, GM food eating, right wing christian fundamentalists. What we want is good governance, we want the government to do its limited job! Hey Washington DC, you can’t and shouldn’t try to fix everything! Leave that to the people who have worked hard starting and making successful businesses!

As for the American people not being smart enough to make decisions for ourselves, I say you are full of crap! We don’t need someone telling us what to do! We are decendants of freedom loving european people! And for those of you who think we are too provincial I would point out that just because we still go to church and think Islam is a threat to everyone in the world does not mean we are wrong and you are right! It is time to stand up to the forces of tyranny and of social fascism!

Also, I am not buying your global warming do-gooder socialism that takes the choice from everyone who would give to help the poor and less fortunate. I personally donate a large portion of my income to charity. I do this not because I am compelled, it is because I have so much and I know the organizations I donate to help those less fortunate than I.

However even after all of the liberal crap going on in government, there is hope! Many Americans are becoming very disenchanted with barack and his socialist policies! I see it in people who thought he would be awesome. I for one new from day one that he would try and transform the U.S. because I thinking he hates his own country! Well I don’t hate it, I want to make it better and I want to leave a legacy to my children that he nor anyone else can take away!

hmmm…you know for a continent (europe) that has so many different people you would have thought that they could get some things right for once.

Okay, so I understand that Germans think that there is no social equality in America. You know we are different, I want to know what the hell is social inequality? You have got to be joking! The only social inequality there is comes from people’s choices…there is a reason why detroit and many of america’s major cities are screwed up, because do-gooder socilialist politicians think that their social tinkering is going to solve societies problems! Since when has the government done a good job of anything?

The only social equality I want is the government to stay out of my business and allow me to succeed based on my own hard work and personal merit! Besides my ancestors that left old europe did not need any government program or socialist benefit to succeed!

Wow, its been a while but I thought I better post something about one of my favorite subject, trees (Germanic Women’s hips are another).  In America I understand that they are saying things like, “the year without summer.”  I guess Barack Hussein Obama did save the world from the threat of global warming.  Or could it be the fact that my hundreds of trees (I planted without government assistance) are now beginning to soak up all that excess CO2?  I like to call my woods the Westerwald……unfortunately some of them do not have a lot of leaves this year because of the cold weather!  We had a number of days in the spring with hard frosts.

Trees make me think about my favorite blogger (and other things) in the whole wide world!  She once told me that her grandmother would have liked me because I liked to garden.  I was and I am very flattered, I am sure I would have liked her as well!

As I sit in  my comfortable chair and worry about graduate school I want to thank all my fellow warriors.  For giving me the opportunity to live in the peace and freedom I now enjoy.  For giving me the right to say no I don’t have to agree with you President Obama! 


For those of you that have made the ultimate sacrifice, thank you for allowing me to live the way I want to.  I love you and may you have eternal peace!



This is a classic commercial – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFVQKLjLXgM&feature=related

I do have an affinity for Wild Mustangs.  This is one of my favorite you tube videos – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Idx5w15acxo&feature=related

What is there not to like about wild mustangs?  Powerful, loving, freedom loving, and unconquerable!  I would love to have one to ride, boy talk about fun.  I am first going to have to get some land out west so I can let him run around.  After all, one can never tame a mustang!

Especially one like this…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFVQKLjLXgM&feature=related


then there is this one….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFVQKLjLXgM&feature=related  not only a cool car but my favorite actor!


And finally this one…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFVQKLjLXgM&feature=related